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Provides first class training in maritime and sea transport industries, serving both at sea and onshore.


Coracle is a professional development company with a focus on the shipping and commodity industries. They specialise in eLearning for the maritime sector with a focus on the shore based commercial shipping market. Their online courses are supported by their podcasting website www.shippingpodcasts.com


The Faculty of Law in Oslo is the oldest and largest educational research institution within the field of law in Norway.


Lloyd’s Maritime Academy is firmly established as the leading international brand for maritime professional development.


Triple-accredited, world-ranked management school, consistently among the UK's top five.


Useful source of information on maritime law matters. It also has a popular Guestbook where individuals from all over the world, maritime lawyers, shipbrokers, freight forwarders and experts, have left their interesting insights.


The Marine Society provides a range of services for seafarers to enhance learning, well-being and to facilitate professional development.


The Nautical Institute is the international professional body for qualified seafarers and others with an interest in nautical matters. We provide a wide range of services to enhance the professional standing and knowledge of members who are drawn from all sectors of the maritime world.


Offers courses to certificate of competence by distance learning as well as diplomas in ship surveying, ship management, ship agency and port management.


Since 1967, the Port Revel Shiphandling Training Centre has been used for manned model training of thousands of pilots, masters and officers.
The courses are provided by highly experienced instructors: former maritime pilots.
The shiphandling course: applies to pilots, masters and chief mates.
The refresher course: applies to masters and pilots who, having already attended manned models, want to perfect their professional knowledge (e.g. with tugs or pods, and emergencies).
The lake features extensive shallow water areas, wave, wind and current generators.
The fleet reproduces 20 different vessels, including a ship with pods.


The Royal Institution of Naval Architects is an internationally renowned professional institution whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures.


RORO Exhibition and Conference – the only specialist event for the roll on / roll off shipping industry takes place at the Messe Bremen in Germany, 18 – 20 May 2010. The event is THE business forum for all the principal operators, suppliers and service providers of ro-ro transport.


Premium provider of training materials for the maritime industry.


Provide fully compliant, timely products and services to U.S. companies that are involved in international trade or the transportation of dangerous goods. We will be the most informed and informative company in our field, and make full compliance available to every company regardless of size, through training, systems, or forms.


U.S. Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA) was named one of the nation’s top 100 best-value colleges for 2010 by The Princeton Review.


Provides excellent training materials for the maritime industry.



  • Arctic maritime potential fails to excite U.S. industry

    Arctic maritime potential fails to excite U.S. industry

    462c3600617c91bc3cb82c71ac2dbfd5 XL Nautical EducationDecreasing seasonal sea ice has opened up Arctic waters for longer periods with resulting potential economic opportunities in commercial shipping, cruises, commercial fishing, oil, and mining. But while Russians seem to find all this very exciting, with commercial vessels now using the Northern Sea Route with some regularity, across the Bering Strait in the U.S., interest in developing and investing in Arctic maritime infrastructure is more cautious.

    A recently released GAO report notes that the Northern Sea Route has relatively less sea ice than along the Northwest Passage, and the geography and shallow depths of the Northwest Passage make it less viable for trans-Arctic shipping. There is also a lack of U.S. trade lanes that would provide sufficiently shorter sailing distances to make an Arctic route relevant.

    The report, “Maritime Infrastructure: Key Issues Related to Commercial Activity in the U.S. Arctic over the Next Decade,” finds that commercial U.S. Arctic maritime activities are expected to be limited for the next 10 years.

    Interviews with industry representatives highlighted a variety of general challenges related to operating in the Arctic, such as geography, extreme weather, and hard-to-predict ice floes. Industry-specific factors were also cited as contributing to limited commercial activity.

    For example, shipping companies noted higher costs with Arctic transit; cruise industry groups noted a lack of demand for Arctic cruises from the mainstream cruise-consumer base, and oil companies last drilled offshore exploratory wells in the U.S. Arctic in 2012.

    GAO says that although the activity will likely be limited, federal, state, and local stakeholders have taken some actions to plan for future maritime-infrastructure investments. Some of these actions address factors that, as identified by industry representatives, contribute to the current and expected limited maritime activity in the U.S. Arctic.

    For example, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), in collaboration with the State of Alaska, has taken steps to study the development of an Arctic deepwater port; the lack of which is a factor identified by mining representatives as contributing to the expected limited mining activity in the U.S. Arctic. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) is in the preliminary phase of seeking to acquire a new polar icebreaker, which could be used for emergency response, research assistance, or patrols. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Alaska government are working to improve mapping, charting, and weather information for the U.S. Arctic.

    The Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) published the U.S. Arctic Marine Transportation System: Overview and Priorities for Action in July 2013, which prioritized actions for developing Arctic maritime infrastructure and identified the lead agency for each action. This report prioritized two broad categories to be addressed in the near term: information infrastructure, such as mapping and charting, and response services, such as search and rescue. Implementation of the report’s actions is at the discretion of each federal agency; however, according to CMTS officials, CMTS is currently developing a process to regularly monitor agencies’ progress in addressing the recommended actions.

    Source: marinelog

    Arctic maritime potential fails to excite U.S. industry Decreasing seasonal sea ice has opened up Arctic waters for longer periods with resulting potential economic opportunities in commercial shipping, cruises, commercial fishing, oil, and mining. But while Russians seem to find all this very exciting, with commercial vessels now using the Northern Sea Route with some regularity, ...


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